There’s adventure aplenty on the Kenai Peninsula

HIkers descend the Skyline Trail in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. (Marc Lester/ADN) Accessible wilderness, heaps of trails and enough trophy fish to spawn “it was this big” stories for years to come, it’s easy to see why the Kenai Peninsula is often referred to as “Alaska’s playground.” While there are oodles of worthwhile spots to … Read more

Just for Kids at BookFest May 1

Children write poetry together in the 2019 Literary BookFest Children’s Corner. Photo: Bruce Guthrie This year’s Children’s Corner at the Literary Hill BookFest promises to be the best yet! Capitol Hill schoolteacher Nicole Siegel is coordinating a day of activities guaranteed to delight youngsters of all ages—and their parents. Guided by volunteers, kids can contribute … Read more

New York Public Library makes banned books free on its app

The New York Public Library wants to put banned books in every American’s hands — and for free. It’s about availability, says the head of the NYPL, as the strain around claims of censorship and banned books has heightened in step with a fraught political climate. With a new program announced Wednesday, anyone — not … Read more

Another year, another poem that heals? – Shaw Local

“A long time ago, I wrote a poem titled “What Would a Poet Do?” In my reflection, I considered how poets react to world events differently from the general population. I mentioned how Oliver Wendell Holmes’ 1830s poem “Old Ironsides” had raised public awareness and helped save the ship USS Constitution from being decommissioned. I … Read more

Sea to Summit: King Peak | Get Out

I left the house at 6 am to pick up Natalie and drive south for the tenth and final Sea-to-Summit Challenge. She is a great adventure partner, always up for anything. If you’ve been following this series, you might remember she was my companion for the 90-mile Grasshopper Peak challenge (“Sea to Summit: Grasshopper Peak,” … Read more

Meta Adventures | Screens | North Coast Journal

THE BUBBLE. It was almost — only? — two years ago that The King of Staten Island, Judd Apatow’s last feature, was released. It felt noteworthy because Apatow’s comedies are events (albeit minor ones for most) in and of themselves and because it was a starring role for Pete Davidson, the anointed one. But it … Read more

A miniature manuscript written by Charlotte Brontë to go on sale for $1.25 million

Contributors Jacquelyn Palumbo, CNN A miniature unpublished manuscript written by Charlotte Brontë when she was 13 years old will go on sale for $1.25 million at a New York City book fair later this month. The work titled “A Book of Ryhmes by Charlotte Brontë, Sold by Nobody, and Printed by Herself” is smaller than … Read more

Africa: Timbuktu Manuscripts Placed Online Are Only a Sliver of West Africa’s Ancient Archive

The ancient Timbuktu manuscripts of Mali were back in the headlines following the internet giant Google’s initiative to host a collection of them at an online gallery. The images of the documents, text in Arabic, can be found at a page called Mali Magic. No place in West Africa has attracted more attention and resources … Read more

New technology that’s making travel easier and safer

For the athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, travel entailed … robots. Everywhere. These machines prepared and served noodles, rice and burgers, and roamed hallways to take the temperatures of passersby. They even passed the Olympic flame underwater. Yet even if you’re not an Olympian, your travels these days are far more likely … Read more

The Recorder – Greenfield native thinks outside the box with new play, children’s book

Greenfield native Winter Miller’s latest projects, both in theater and literature, can be linked together by one overarching message: Do not let yourself be defined by labels. In her complex play “When Monica Met Hillary” that is being performed in Miami, Florida through March 27, and in her lighthearted children’s book “Not A Cat: A … Read more